Mission Statement

The Utah Local Governments Trust is organized as a Public Agency Insurance Mutual, Interlocal Cooperative, and a Joint Reserve Fund under section 63G-7-703 of the Utah Governmental Immunity Act.

The Trust is a co-op of more than 550 cities and towns, counties, and special service districts, united to provide members with the best long-term, competitive and sustainable insurance products and services.  Our manuscript policy forms are tailored to meet the unique needs of Utah’s public agencies.

The Trust follows rigorous standards that drive what we do, and how we do it.  From loss prevention to complex risk financing mechanisms, we’re backed by the faith and credit of the world's strongest reinsurance partners - Munich Re, Safety National, and others.

The Trust will be here to deliver on its promise to protect members and their assets.  We’re disciplined.  We’re innovative.  We’re accountable.