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Joe L. Piccolo
Chair, Executive Committee
Mayor, Price City

“Change is constant. Often, we resist change because of our perception and fear of the unknown. Today, the pace of change moves at the speed of light. At the Trust, we encourage and embrace change. This culture facilitates continuous improvement, adding value and benefit to our members.




Gary L. Hatch
Executive Committee
Manager, Mosquito Abatement District – Davis

“You cannot have progress without change. Both progress and decay require change – you just need to decide which direction you are moving.




JoAnn B. Seghini
Executive Committee
Mayor, Midvale City

“Take time to send a note to departments or individuals recognizing their responses to your citizens. Recognize their safety records. Each department is unique and should be recognized as an important part of the whole.




Craig W. Buttars
Executive Committee
Executive, Cache County

“Working to preserve the status quo takes valuable time and effort that could more effectively be spent adapting to positive change. Adapting to change is becoming more and more essential in the ever-evolving world that we live in.”




Todd S. Beutler
CEO and General Manager,
Cache Valley Transit District

“The dictionary defines change as: 'the act or instance of making or becoming different.' I have learned for me, that when I embrace the change, I can see the opportunity to grow from the change. This has helped me to view change as a positive thing.”




Larry A. Ellertson
Former Commissioner,
Utah County

“Whether we seek change or not, it is part of our lives. We need to learn to accept this and adapt to conditions as they occur and impact us. The important thing to remember is that our underlying values need not change, but rather condition our response to change.”




Stephanie L. Miller
Mayor, Hyrum City

“You must accept change in order to improve, then take the actions needed to achieve the results desired.”




Kenneth F. Neilson
Mayor, Washington City

“Change often has a bad reputation in our society. But it isn’t all bad, not by any means. In fact, change is necessary in our lives, to keep us moving, to keep us growing, and keep us interested. Can you imagine life without change?”




Bradley M. Powell
General Manager,
Midvalley Improvement District

“The changes we experience in this world today are eye-opening and we need to be able to make our own changes in our lives, our families, our work, and everyplace we are if we want to stay sane. If we continue to do the same thing over and over, we will end up with the same results and potentially become crippled. If we believe that we can change – we will. If we believe that we can change for the better – we will.”




Pamela A. Roberts
Executive Director, Wasatch Front
Waste and Recycling District

“The key to bringing about change with minimal disruption to your team is ensuring that you, as a leader, are trustworthy and speak authentically. If your team trusts you, they will engage in how best to make the needed change happen to achieve the desired outcome.”




Christopher F. Robinson
Council Member, Summit County

“There is nothing more constant than change. Thankfully it pervades every aspect of our lives. It adds richness and contour, forcing stretching growth. As the adage goes, it’s better than a rest. Some bemoan change because of fear of the unknown, but whenever one door closes, one or more will open (if we have the right attitude and perceptiveness). Change offers new opportunity. Since it’s unavoidable, it should be embraced with gusto and capitalized upon.”