The Trust Board of Directors
Executive Committee


Joe Piccolo,
Chair, Executive Committee
Mayor, Price City

“Change is constant. Often, we resist change because of our perception and fear of the unknown. Today, the pace of change moves at the speed of light. At the Trust, we encourage and embrace change. This culture facilitates continuous improvement, adding value and benefit to our members.


Gary L. Hatch
Chair, Executive Committee
Manager, Mosquito Abatement District – Davis

“You cannot have progress without change. Both progress and decay require change – you just need to decide which direction youare moving.


JoAnn B. Seghini
Executive Committee
Mayor, Midvale City

“Take time to send a note to departments or individuals recognizingtheir responses toyour citizens. Recognize their safety records. Each department is unique and should be recognized as an important part of the whole.


Craig W. Buttars
Executive Committee
Executive, Cache County

“Working to preserve the status quo takes valuable time and effort that could more effectively be spent adapting to positive change. Adapting to change is becoming more and more essential in the ever-evolving world that we live in.

The Trust Advisory Committee

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The Trust Team


Steven A. Hansen
Chief Executive Officer

“The 2nd law of thermodynamics is entropy — a spontaneous tendency towards disruption, chaos and disorder. This natural law for things to unravel and come apart happens everywhere. It’s up to us to reverse that tendency and to be a part of change that makes a measurable difference.”


Jason Watterson
Loss Prevention Manager

“Change is inevitable, and managing that change effectively is our most critical task.”


Chris Rozelle
Claims Manager

“Change is the law of claims and life, and those that look to the past or present miss the future.”


Ryan Hatch
Membership Development

“Embracing positive change is key to member success and future security.”


Jody Pettet
Accounting Manager

“Insurance needs are always evolving. In accounting, we look to the future for the direction of what we do today.”

Brady Loveland
Technical Services Manager

“Technology is always changing. We move the Trust into the future using technology that keeps the Trust productive, efficient, and competitive.”