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Drug and Alcohol Reasonable Suspicion Determinations for Supervisors

  • Trust Conference Center 55 S Highway 89 North Salt Lake, UT USA (map)

An important part of employee and public safety is each individual organization’s “Drug Free Workplace” policy. One of the most important aspects to a Drug­ Free Workplace policy is the ability to enforce it and act when violations occur. Federal law requires employers to implement monitoring and drug testing programs specifically for CDL drivers. As part of this requirement, we must be prepared to conduct “Reasonable Suspicion Determinations” (RSD) for these employees. Additionally, we may use RSD to help monitor and enforce our individual Drug Free Workplace policies for all our employees. In fact, RSD should be the backbone of your monitoring and enforcement policy with all employees. Anyone can get lucky and not get selected from a random testing pool, but any employee who exhibits tell-tale behaviors and conditions can be drug tested when RSD is properly documented and based on specific observable and articulable behaviors and signs. State and Federal law allows government employers to conduct RSD testing, but requires that determination be made by supervisors who have received specific training for a specified amount of hours. This course is designed to provide the necessary information and meet the requirement for supervisors who may execute an RSD. All employers that have adopted a Drug Free Workplace policy that requires or allows for RSD testing must have managers and/or supervisors who have met this training requirement.

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