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  • Trust Conference Center 55 S Highway 89 North Salt Lake (map)

We invite you to attend our Trust Leadership Conference on Thursday, February 23rd, at 9:00am (continental breakfast 8:30am, lunch at noon).

Dr. Jeffery Thompson, Director and Associate Professor at the Romney Institute of Public Management at Brigham Young University, will present on "Motivation from the Inside Out."

Dr. Thompson's Synopsis: How do you get people to do stuff they don’t want to do? That’s a question that has implicitly shaped the management theories we have inherited — theories that go back all the way to the days of assembly lines, piece rate work, and time and motion studies. The reason that decades of management thinking hasn’t come up with a good answer to the question is because it’s the wrong question to begin with. What we should have been asking — and what many contemporary scholars of motivation are beginning to ask — is “What makes you want to do something?” This question represents a shift from viewing motivation as something you give to people, to motivation as something innate that you can harness. In this session, we’ll explore motivation from the inside out. We will examine three factors that scholars have identified as necessary for people to feel driven to do work. We’ll also talk about practical tools that leaders use to help trigger these three conditions in the people they lead.

This conference is recommended for Elected Officials, Management, and Senior Staff, and is provided free of charge to members of the Utah Local Governments Trust.

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