We protect our members by paying claims we owe and defending claims we don’t owe. 



The business of providing public services to cities, towns, counties, and special service districts involves risk - sometimes high risk.  The Trust provides specialized policies and programs, tailored to protect members - allowing members to operate with confidence and security.

The Trust is positioned to deliver on our promise to pay when things go bad - that's why we’re here.  When an accident happens resulting in a claim, the Trust steps in.  You work directly with our claims manager and with our tenured, dedicated claims team.  You benefit from this unparalleled team approach of professions who know this business and deliver results.   

Our claims philosophy is simple.  We pay claims we owe and defend claims we don’t owe - making tough decisions to protect members and their resources.  We value your input and keep you informed throughout the process.


File a Claim:  Property, Liability, Workers Compensation


Questions & Requests – contact Chris Rozelle, Claims Manager, 801.831.8851