Membership has its advantages. If you are a public agency and are not a member of the Trust, we invite you to join the more than 550 other governmental entities that have evaluated, and that have selected the Trust as their partner of choice.  

Our partnership means partnership – there are no penalties or restrictions if a member chooses to leave the Trust.  Still, the Trust is proud of its 5 year member retention of 99.6% - a statistic unheard of in the industry.  Our members are the strength of the organization.  It’s explained by The Law of Large Numbers - it can’t be ignored.  We leverage our size and strength to benefit members.  Expanded coverage, terms and conditions, along with expanded limits and rate stability, highlight the value of our size and diversity.

The Utah Local Governments Trust is the partner of choice for Utah’s cities and towns, counties, and special service districts. 

List of City & Town Members

List of County Members

List of Special Service District Members