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Trust Accountability

Municipal entities exist to provide needed services for their communities. Entities face unique challenges and risks in providing these specialized services.  The Trust offers a range of loss prevention tools, training, and assistance to help entities identify, prioritize, and mitigate the risk of loss and injury.  Entities are accountable to their communities for managing these risks and accountable to keep employees and citizens safe.  Our loss prevention teams work hand-in-glove with members in establishing your goals and objectives.

On-site loss prevention surveys are just one example of how we work with members.  When an on-site survey is scheduled, our loss prevention experts meet with the member to walk their facilities.  They identify potential hazards and make recommendations.  As part of the survey, our consultants review critical policies and procedures that help drive loss prevention and accountability.  The ONUS360 app is used in this process.  This hands on approach helps members gain facility around creating, maintaining, and owning their loss prevention programs.  Personal ownership and accountability is key.

To arrange an on-site survey – contact Doug Folsom, Loss Prevention Manager.

To download a sample survey – Survey.


Safety, Environmental, and Industrial Hygiene

Public entities are obligated to comply with federal, state, and local occupational and environmental laws.  These laws are complicated and often catch public officials off guard.  The Trust Loss Prevention team can help – providing a range of consultative expertise in environmental and industrial hygiene.

  • Air Sampling

  • Noise Monitoring

  • Ergonomics

  • OSHA

To arrange consultation – contact Doug Folsom, Loss Prevention Manager.


Loss Prevention Training

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The Trust provides a range of loss prevention training, workshops, and webinars.  The Trust maintains an extensive DVD library – over 100 safety topics.  In addition, the Trust provides more than 100 live training events each year.  These events are a great opportunity to sharpen skills and gain expertise in safety and loss prevention.  Upon request, we will develop and provide training to meet specific member needs.

We partner with the State of Utah Office of Property Rights Ombudsman to provide the most comprehensive and focused land use training available.  Our training and webinars include presentations from the most experienced attorneys and legal experts in the industry.  Many of our training events and webinars are recorded and can be viewed from our website. 

We invite you to explore our – Training & Events. 



Our DVD library is available to members - more than 100 titles (15 to 20 minutes in length).

Click here to download a PDF Copy of the Video Library.

To check out a DVD - contact Megan VanGundy.